8 July 2004

Thursday, July 8, 2004 – Bald spots

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Thursday, July 8, 2004 – Bald spots

Max Temp. 20.4°C
Min Temp. 13.6°C
Mainly Cloudy / Overcast

Did not water at Noon.
Only 4L at 9:30PM.

Concerned about bald spots in soil where no seed are
germinating. Since I will be adding more seeds in the fall it is
not a big deal, but I have this asthetic desire to make it look
full. The Purple Tansy by the telephone poll is doing great. May have to thin it.
Molson Indy racecourse preparations are getting in the way of my bike route past the garden site. It is not completely blocked
but access is becoming more circuitous as they install concrete
barriers that determine the track.

I’ve been exploring other possiblities for guerilla gardening
space. City of Vancouver says if it doesn’t block traffic its ok.

Working on creating a Link list for this blog.

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