4 May 2006

Moving bloghosts again – 4 May 2006

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I found a Blogger/Blogspot template that has the look and feel of my old blog. The colouring is different and it allows me to post my Bloglines, Blogroll and Flickr in full mode instead of links. Nice

As I go along, I’ll repost my archives as well as my current news

OK…the spelling is the closest I can get on blogspot to what I had before:

The best way to keep track of where I am is to subscribe to my Feedburner feed:
http://feeds.feedburner.com/UrbanWilderness because I know I will move again.




29 April 2006

Old entries being posted on blogspot

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Urban Wilderness

5 March 2006

Adding the links slowly

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The manual process of adding links always takes longer than I think it should. Of course, once I get started, I just can’t do one.

Need to learn to multitask better.