1 March 2006

Getting back online

Posted in Community, Diary-x, Internet at 12:52 am by urbanwild

Shortly after I was back in the swing of things, recovering from my own hard drive failure, my blog host went down. No data recovery possible. There is an explanation here: Unrecoverable Drive Failure

I was lucky. I was able to get my data back [ka-ching! but worth every penny] and because I downloaded archives of the blog on a regular basis, I only lost three of my most recent entries.

Others were not so fortunate. Here’s a list of people who have moved elsewhere from Diary-x and reading their entries from the past few days gives a good indication of the what they lost and how they are choosing to deal with it: Stay in Touch

They are a dedicated bunch those dx-ers!! While the original owner has decided to throw in the towel, people are rallying around to revive the site.

First, they started communicating with each other while dx was down at LiveJournal and have decided to revive the site under a different name: Codexed. I’ll see how it goes. I like the WordPress interface so far, especially being able to add categories to my postings.

Of course, it will take time to get all the postings back online, rebuild my link lists and get it looking the way I like it.

That will be fun.


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