30 April 2006

Guardian – Tory pisses off….

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onto compost.

Oh how I love British wit: We need more brave men like him to speak out…

Go green with urine, says leading Tory
Gaby Hinsliff
Sunday April 30, 2006

The Conservative Party chairman is urging the nation to pee on its compost heaps to help the environment.

Francis Maude, who admitted he and his family were slightly ‘psycho’ about recycling, delivered the unorthodox gardening advice after being asked what his personal contribution was to the green cause on Radio 4’s Any Questions?

Maude also said that he planned to buy a greener car when the time came to replace the family vehicle. He said: ‘If I share a tip with the audience it is that if you pee on your compost, it has a double environmental whammy – it speeds up its decomposition so you can get it on the garden more quickly, and it also saves water.’

Bob Flowerdew, of the Gardeners’ Question Time panel, argues that urine contains potash and nitrogen which is a rich fertiliser. The urea in urine is said to speed chemical reactions involved in breaking down organic material.

And in my own area:

On an average day in the GVRD, approximately
580 litres of water is used by each person at home and at work (including all residential, industrial, commercial, institutional, and agricultural sectors). Average daily water consumption for the GVRD is about one billion litres.
The one-day record for water use was two billion litres – enough to fill BC Place Stadium.


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9 April 2006

Cell phone couplehood

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In a local branch of a major coffee haus:

Guy talking on a cell phone, being cuddled from behind by his girlfriend.
Seeking attention?
As I move by the couple I notice that she is talking on cell phone too.
To each other?

1 March 2006

Vancouver raises the Olympic Flag

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Photo courtesy of Tzatziki

Went to see it on my way to work today a few hours after the official ceremony and it is impressive.

Even though I’m not the biggest fan of the Olympics coming to Vancouver, I keep getting the sense that this is not Canada’s Winter Olympics but the Vancouver / Whistler’s Olympics.

It is probably my ambivalence towards Canada east of the Rocky Mountains – I grew up in Toronto and have lived in BC since 1981 – that makes me feel this way.

For the moment, I’m going to enjoy it.


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