9 April 2006

Cell phone couplehood

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In a local branch of a major coffee haus:

Guy talking on a cell phone, being cuddled from behind by his girlfriend.
Seeking attention?
As I move by the couple I notice that she is talking on cell phone too.
To each other?


1 March 2006

Vancouver raises the Olympic Flag

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Photo courtesy of Tzatziki

Went to see it on my way to work today a few hours after the official ceremony and it is impressive.

Even though I’m not the biggest fan of the Olympics coming to Vancouver, I keep getting the sense that this is not Canada’s Winter Olympics but the Vancouver / Whistler’s Olympics.

It is probably my ambivalence towards Canada east of the Rocky Mountains – I grew up in Toronto and have lived in BC since 1981 – that makes me feel this way.

For the moment, I’m going to enjoy it.


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10 July 2004

Farmer’s Market & Figaro’s Garden – July 10, 2004

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Farmer’s Market & Figaro’s Garden – July 10, 2004

Max Temp. 20.5°C
Min Temp. 12.9°C
Precip. Total 5.2 mm

Met my friend Sharon at the East Vancouver Farmer’s Market
http://www.eatlocal.org/and bought some 4 Galic Chive plants
from Bonnie Townsend of Lowland Herb Farm

My plan is to plant them underneath the trees on Ontario St between the
sidewalk and the parking lot. I rode by there later and dug up the soil a
bit. Very sandy. Will plant with compost added to amend soil make it
stronger. The area is also walked on as people go to their cars, so I will
have to mark it off with string, sticks and flagging tape.

After Farmer’s Market went to Figaro’s Garden and after a look around went
inside. They had a West Coast Seed rack and items were on sale. Buy two get
one free!

So I built up my wildflower collection and bought two Cottage Perrenial
Mixes [FL3447A] and one Butterfly Wildflower Mix [FL3448A]

I also took a look at the vegetable section and may have found the perrenial
green vegetable I have been seeking: Corn Salad [MS478A]
http://tinyurl.com/33qla aka Corn Salad = mache = lamb’s lettuce = lamb’s
tongue = field lettuce = field salad = fetticus. West Coast’s description
says that is a self-sower, easy to grow, and winter hardy on the Coast.

In addition, I bought Swiss Chard – Bright Lights [SW753A] and a Lettuce
Blend [LT455B].

Near the trees outside of Figaro’s there was a white clover flower head, but
the leaves were brown edged in green. According to Google it is TRIFOLIUM
repens ‘Purpurascens’. http://tinyurl.com/268kr I’m trying to locate seed
for this plant. The owner of the Figaro’s is back on Thursday.

On my way home, a rain deluge started. Underneath a tree, I put on my gear
and was getting wet. It was raining harder in the open. I was dryer but
still getting wet underneath the tree. I suppose I could have waited on a
house porch, but I decided to move on. Seconds later I was soaking wet. By
the time I had travelled the six blocks from Ontario St to Cambie, the worst
of it was over.